Stephen's Rhode Island Friends
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Rhode Island

Left to Right: Pete and Etta Comella and their children, Peter and Rose Marie. Photo taken December 1983 in Warwick, Rhode Island. Wonderful family. I spent a week with them during part of my Christmas break from Johnson & Wales College.

Left to Right: Mrs. Bertha Simms, Stephen Frakes and Marjorie (Bourne) Livingston. Taken Shabbos, 27 April 1985, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Mrs. Simms had an interesting ancestry. She was descended from a slave girl who was an African princess and a Jewish plantation owner. Marjorie Livingston and I are distantly related. We are both from the same New England Bourne family. I also spent a week with Marjorie and husband John during part of my Xmas break from Johnson & Wales College in 1983.

Left to Right: Brian Gauthier, Sharon Branco and Stephen Frakes. Photo taken Shabbos, 21 January 1984 in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

Left to Right: Andrew Cassese, John Solomon, Brian & Sandi (Rodgers) Gauthier, Mary (Wheaton) Waleduda and Patricia Cassese - sister of Andrew. Photo taken Shabbos, 24 May 1986, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. In the living room of my apartment, which was the 2nd floor flat of the Waleduda Home on Lincoln Avenue.

Left to Right: Andy Cassese, Patricia Cassese and Ronnie Souza. Photo taken Sunday, 24 August 1986, Newport, Rhode Island.

Left to Right: Walter Waleduda and Stephen Frakes. Taken Monday, 6 Apr 1987, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Walter was my landlord. I lived in his 2nd floor flat. He was the last of the Waleduda family in the world. He came to the United States from the Ukraine when he was a young teenager. After his grandparents were murdered in the Ukraine by a Polish Pogrom, there were no more Waleduda's in the Ukraine. Walter had no children, so he was the last of the family in the United States.

Left to Right: Stephen Frakes, John Solomon (standing), Kim & Ty Joslyn, Don Joslyn, and Brian Gauthier. Taken in a park in Hopkinton, Massachusetts on 15 August 1984.

Left to Right: Melvin & Marilyn Cameron, Mary & Walter Waleduda, and Luke Dill. Taken in the fall of 1984 in Saratoga Springs, New York. (Note: Melvin D. Cameron (1920-2009). Mary A. (Wheaton) Waleduda (1905-1993). Walter Waleduda (1913-1999). Luke M. Dill (1913-2003).

Left to Right: Tom & Mary Clark and Brian Gauthier at the Old Bryan Inn in Saratoga Springs, New York in the fall of 1984. The Old Inn was built in 1832 on the site of the log cabin of Alexander Bryan a Scott for the Americans during the Revolutionary War.

Left to Right Clockwise Around the Table: Brian Gauthier, David and Nina Hall and their daughter Emily. Taken at Brian's and my apartment in Cranston, Rhode Island on 22 September 1984. Brian and I had two different flats in the same house across the street from Roger Williams Park. A beautiful location.

Left to Right: Stephen Frakes, and the wedding couple Brian Anthony and Sandra Lynn (Rodgers) Gauthier. Wedding was at Lindenwood College, St. Charles, Missouri on 30 March 1986. Sandi was from Missouri.

Photo on left: Ellen Hemond Sherlock Feldhacker at the Waleduda's in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on 10 Feb 1986.
Photo on right: Ellen and Stephen at the Wingate's in Massachusetts on 3 November 1984.

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