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Marion County, Illinois

Mark Decker and Stephen in Iowa in 1999, Campaigning for Elizabeth Dole, as if you didn't know. That was a fun trip.

Mark Decker on the cover of his fraternity magazine in 2008.

Left to Right: Me (Stephen), Dad (Philip) and good friend Sharon Woodward. Taken 2 Oct 2003, my birthday dinner.

Doris Purcell, Stephen, Sharon Woodward and Mark Decker.
In 1997 with our new Illinois GOP Throw that we designed and were selling statewide.

Stephen, Sharon Woodward, Dad (Phil Frakes), and Doris Purcell
The Governor's Mansion in Springfield in 1995 for the Holiday, aka Xmas Party.

The Bauer's Then: My good friend Pat Bauer and her family. Pat lived in Salem for several years. Her family then moved to Benton. There Pat became the first female mayor of Benton. Photo: Patricia (Pizzo) and Brian Bauer. Their children left to right: Elizabeth, Greg, Doug and Kyle.

Photo above: The Bauer's in 2004: Left to Right: Greg, Pat, Klye, Elizabeth, Doug and Brian. At Doug's graduation from the Univeristy of Illinois. Photo below: Pat Bauer and Stephen in front of her store in Benton, Illinois.

Fr. Jon O'Guinn and Stephen in 1999.
At the time priest of Salem and Kinmundy Catholic Churches.

Fr. David Darin and Stephen in 1999.
Was and still is the Priest for both Centralia and Sandoval Catholic Churches.

Susan Copple, Stephen and Luwanda Inboden in 1995.
Saturday after Shabbos Service.

Top Photo: Stephen, Rhonda Inboden and Tim Inboden, friends from Salem. Photo taken at my family's cabin in Foster Township on 1 Apr 1986.

Bottom Photo: Luwanda Inboden, Rhonda Inboden, Stephen Frakes and Tim Inboden taken in Mt. Vernon, Illinois on 14 Apr 1995 on Passover Eve (aka Night to Be Much Observed, aka Seder).

Left to Right: Mary Jones (now Bushue), Ronda Swift (now Yates) and Lee Jones.
Frakes home in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois, 1979.

Left to Right: Terry Weems, Gayla Monical (now Ferguson), Mary Jones (now Bushue) and Wayne Collier.
Marion County, Illinois courthouse
Civil War cannon that was at the Battle of Shiloh, Hardin County, Tennessee, 6th and 7th of April, 1862.

Left to Right: Mary Heavener (now Ford), Terry Weems, Gayla Monical (now Ferguson), and Mary Jones (now Bushue).
Yum Yum Shoppe in Salem, Illinois - 1982.

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