Stephen's Arizona Friends 02
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Verde Valley, Arizona


Left to Right: Marti McElroy, Stephen Frakes and Suzi Belle Langton in Flagstaff.

Left to Right: Stephen Frakes and Marti McElroy taken on Cornville Ranch in Cornville, Arizona. Marti owned the ranch. Taken in 2000.

Left to Right: Carol Dern in front, then around table clockwise: Suzie Belle Langton, Nina Boyle, Jourdan Dern, and Lyndsey Adams. Taken at my going away party 7 Sep 2002 at Carol's in Cottonwood.

Carol Dern crossed over 20 June 2007 at 5:00 A.M. Arizona Time, Sedona, Arizona. She was my Arizona Mom and I really miss her.

Left to Right: Jeffrey Franks and Barry Supalla at my going away party in Cottonwood, 2002.

Left to Right: Lyndsey Adams, Stephen Frakes and Suzi Belle Langton. Taken in April 2004 at the PRIDE Parade in Phoenix, Arizona.

Left to Right: Al, Stephen and Chris taken in 2004 at the PRIDE Fest in Phoenix.

Left to Right: Barbara, Amber, Julie, Stephen and Linda the wonderful waitresses and my friends at Randall's Restaurant. Taken in 2004 in Cottonwood.

Left to Right: Jude Peterson, Stephen Frakes and Susanna Monette at Patrick's Restaurant in Cottonwood in 2002.

Left to Right: Stephen Frakes and Lynda Pierce at Lynda's bookstore in Cottonwood taken in 2004.

Left to Right: Myrna Goldstein, Phyllis Weinstein, Evelyn Albu and Stephen Frakes at wedding in Sedona in 2002.

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