Stephen's Arizona Friends 03
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Verde Valley, Arizona
(My Crossroads Kids)

Brian A. Edwards
(25 Jan 1984 - 2 Aug 2002)

Brian Edwards. Taken in Cottonwood in 2002. Brian went into the United States Marine Corp shortly after this photo. He went through basic and graduation and then was killed in a automobile accident on 2 August 2002. He was a great kid turning into a good man. It was like losing my son. I really miss him. Brian had his own version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that he use to sing for me. I think of him everytime I hear any version of that song.

Brian Edwards at Golf Corse in 2001

Left to Right: Adam McKinney, Stephen and Monica Bitner (who later married Adam) taken in 2001 in Cottonwood.

Left to Right: My kids, Daniel "Zoey" Machir, Barbara Gillespie, Maida, and Jason Thompson. Taken 2001 at Randall's Restaurant in Cottonwood.

Left to Right: My kids, Jacob "Jake" Lindenstein, Kody Jones, Jason Thompson, Barbara "Barbie" Gillespie, and Franceen Wagy. Taken 2001 at the Clemenceau Museum in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Left to Right: My kids, Hannah Shelly, Paul Smith, Peter Brown-Mulder, Austin "Ty" Fulton and Jackie Jensen. Taken 2001 outside Randall's Restaurant in Cottonwood.

Kristen Connally at Crossroads in Cottonwood, Arizona with Mingus Mountain in background. Taken in 2001.

Jackie George at Crossroads in Cottonwood, Arizona. Bright sun in her eyes, which explains the squinting. Taken in 2001.

Left to Right: One of my fellow employees, Teresa with one of our girls, Megan "Meg" Morris. Taken at Crossroad, Cottonwood, AZ in 2001. Megan was actually the sister of one of my best friends, Jennifer Morris.

Left to Right: Catrina, Maggie Smith, Teresa Gartland, Amber, Danny, Susan Lambert (fellow employee), and Jeremiah. Photo taken in 2001 in Sedona, Arizona.

Left to Right: Jenifer Lux (fellow employee), Brian Edwards, Teresa Gartland and Maggie Smith. Taken at Verde Santa Fe Golf Course in Cottonwood, Arizona, 2001.

Left to Right: Two of my kids at Oak Creek, Cottonwood, Arizona, 2001.

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